Grocery List: Week of November 20th

Confession time: I always make shopping lists, but almost never adhere perfectly to them.  Sometimes the produce will look sketchy or there will be a store-specific sale that wasn’t advertised anywhere and is too good to pass up.  So with that confession in mind, here is what I am planning on purchasing this week.

I’ll tell you ahead of time that this week will far exceed our $65/week budget.  However, having looked at the circulars for this week I can see that the sales are excellent and that I can get most of what I’ll need for the next three weeks.

bag of black beans
rotel (2 cans)
elbow pasta (1 lb)
yellow split peas
eggs (?)
taco cheese blend
pepperjack cheese
corn tortillas
burrito wraps
sandwich bread
ground beef (3+lbs)
heavy cream

sandwich bags

What you’ll soon see is that our shopping lists don’t perfectly align with our meals for the following week. In this instance that’s very much the case.

Instead of buying canned beans, we buy bags that we prepare in the slow cooker (or stovetop) and then freeze until we need them. In addition to being cost effective (cans are about $.85; bags are $1.35 or so for the equivalent of three cans) it saves space. We don’t have a pantry in our current apartment – we have a single shelf over our stove for storing food, plus some space on top of our freezer.

Ground beef was on sale this week, so we bought a large package and split it into half pound portions to freeze. In recipes that call for a pound of ground beef we do a half pound plus the equivalent of one can of beans instead.

While affordable, pasta isn’t something that we have every week due to taste preferences.

The recipes that we are making from the above list are as follows: cheeseburger mac, split pea soup, vegetarian enchilada bake, and traditional enchiladas (no specific recipe for that one).  For dessert I’ll be making pumpkin pie.  (Of course!)  Breakfast for this week is going to be yogurt (him) and breakfast burritos (her).


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