Friday favorite: Curly hair care routine

imageIt was HOT here yesterday. I mean, hot, in the general sense of the word, not some skewed New England version. It was over 90 degrees. Blech.

I promise that is purely coincidental and that I had my Friday Favorite planned before then…but I was particularly grateful for these items yesterday while the temperatures skyrocketed. Although, in full disclosure I did have my hair in a top knot by about 2pm. I went outside for a quick stroll and got so uncomfortable in the heat that my dark hair had to be relocated from the back of my neck.

Moving along. Today I wanted to share my favorite hair care products. My hair is full of curl and volume, but also quite frizzy. And there is a lot of it. My hair is also unevenly curly, so it takes a bit of work and product to make it look decent after air drying.

It’s a total coincidence, but I have also just realized that all of my current favorites are drug store products. It has been a long while since that was the case, but my new discovery (more on that below) is one of the best products for my head of hair that I’ve found in a long while.

A few bits about my hair care generally: I wash about every third day, virtually never blow dry my hair or use hot tools (maybe four times per year?) and I don’t use dry shampoo because it makes my head feel funny. That last one isn’t super relevant but I wanted to throw that out there.

De-tangler goes on my hair as soon as I’ve finished drying off from the shower, and then I put my hair up in a towel for a few minutes. Next I’ll take it down and give it a quick scrunch (I know…the horror) with the towel to make sure it isn’t dripping wet. I’ll comb a generous palm of Herbal Essences mousse through my hair with my fingers and do a bit of curl forming. Well, not so much curl forming as curl splitting. Some parts of my hair form really thick curls and I’ll break them into several smaller ringlets at this point. Then, back in the towel my hair goes while I finish getting ready. This can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the day. Hair comes back down from the towel and I flip my head over and spray my hair with the shaping gel. At this point I’ll give my hair a tiny bit of scrunching and we are good to go.

And that is it. I am out the door.


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