Monthly Money Summary: May 2017

Back in the depths of the recession, monthly spending/saving/money reports were super common on personal finance blogs. And as a generally nosy (inquisitive?) person, I loved it. I find it fascinating to read about how other people live and, in this context, make decisions about their money.

This isn’t necessarily a personal finance, debt-free journey or frugal living blog. But money is in the background of some of the context of this blog so this seemed a fitting topic.

I’m not sure of the exact format that these posts will take going forward, but for now, here’s a review of May from the perspective of our money.

Spending: A LOT of money. One of our most spendiest one-off expenses is our car renewal, which happens in May. Luckily it was almost $100 less than last year because our car is another year old…win, I guess? We also spent some money updating our wardrobes. New summer sandals! Now we only need summer weather to actually get here so we can wear them…

Saving: Two different items worth mentioning here. First of all, I’m not big on having several different sub accounts in my savings. That becomes information (and spreadsheet) overload in my brain. However, from now through the end of the year we’re going to have multiple visitors, short trips and one-off events to attend. So, we have a single sub-account called “socials” in our savings account that I’m putting a little bit of money in each month.

Second, I’m saving the points that are accruing on our credit card. Because we already have the points necessary to pay for our flights home for the holidays, we’re using a store card for all of our purchases. The rewards points are adding up pretty quickly, and that’s awesome because those points will be used to buy some of our Christmas gifts this year.

Grocery budget: This gets its own heading since I talk about it so frequently here. We did pretty well with our $200 budget in May. We went a bit over because my husband caught a spring cold and wanted nothing but orange juice for about a week, but other than that I was pretty pleased with how we did. Heading into June it looks like we’re going to keep to $200 for another month. We are both pleased with how little food was wasted this month and how efficient we were with planning overall. May also saw us use up some of the stranger ingredients that we had hanging around in our pantry.

Most frugal moment: Our doctor’s office has a referral program wherein you get a credit for bringing someone into their office. Someone (no idea who!) put me down as a referral so I did not have a copay for my most recent visit. Sweet. Thank you, random friend.

And to end with something that I think we can improve upon in June: eating out. We did not have a lot of sit-down restaurant meals this month, but it does feel like we either grabbed something to supplement dinner or forgot breakfast and grabbed coffee or wanted snacks or something several different times this month. I do not think that we plan to abandon eating out entirely this month, but I do want to be a lot more thoughtful about sticking to our meal plan and general routines so that we can be less reliant on take out.


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