Third Quarter Resolutions

Now that my academic years are fading into the rearview mirror I tend to break down years into quarters rather than semesters or school year/summer.   In addition to mapping out quarterly financial plans I also like to set quarterly goals or resolutions for myself.

It’s early August, which seems a bit late to begin third quarter goals, but let me explain how that came to be.  It’s both simple and heavy.  We operated on cruise control in July.  We had a death in the family earlier in the summer and needed a month to be mindless.  We spent far more than we normally do on needless items, ate pretty poorly and all but abandoned our normal patterns and habits.

Put simply, we took a month off.  Toward the end of the month we began to feel listless and I could sense that we were both ready to put focus and effort into leading our intentional lives.  On a lark we took a vacation at the end of July and it perfectly capped off our indulgent month.

In August and September, I would like to get back into meal planning. Much ink has been spilled writing about the utility of meal planning so I’ll leave it at that.  Oh.  I’ll add that someone somewhere gave me the idea to make a week of smoothies and stick them in the freezer and now I’m obsessed with that great idea.  Breakfast was never so easy!  This, in turn, benefits both of us because we’re creatures of habit that appreciate planning ahead and start to flounder otherwise.

Summer (summer temperatures) are very short-lived where I am and the already decreasing temperatures have me thinking about my wardrobe and whether it is set for the coming cold temps.  I tend to think of my cold-weather wardrobe as my “normal” one and that my summer wardrobe consists of all of the things that get added in for “warm” weather.  I have thoughts on this that would probably bore non-fashion people, so more on that later.

I would also like to focus on reading more and screentiming less for these next few months.  I am one of those people that will open my computer to do one thing and get sucked into six different tasks and time wasters before I even think to attend to my original goal.  While I love the ease of reading on my iPad, I notice that I lose focus more easily than I do with a paper book.  While we were on vacation we stopped in a secondhand bookstores and I picked up two paperbacks.  I’ll donate one to our neighborhood coffee shop when I’m done and the other is something my dad would enjoy so I think I’ll pass it to him the next time I see him.

And finally, I’d like to plan a family weekend away.  Related to what I mentioned above, it has been a tough year for our family.  There has been much talk about feeling “stuck” this year, and it makes a lot of sense for people who spent the better part of the year serving as caretakers.  Fall is beautiful here and I would love to get everyone away for a weekend.  It wouldn’t be anything lavish or fancy, but it would be out of the ordinary.  Right now that seems to be exactly what’s needed.


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