$200 Grocery Budget: May 2017

First, the good: We are starting this month with an abundance of food. Truly. We (finally) have a small stockpile of canned goods, pasta, potatoes and and oats.

The not-so-good: We have several one-off or yearly expenses this month, some of which were unforeseen. In order to limit the damage, we’ve decreased our grocery budget to $200 for the month of May. Because we plan to shop five times (weekly) in May, that means our shopping trips will need to average around $40/week.

Because of the aforementioned abundance of food, our first shopping trip of the month is a pretty light one. Here’s our list (with prices when they were in the circular or from memory)

Blueberries ($.99/pint)…4 pints; two to freeze
Strawberries ($1.99/lb)….2 containers?
Pasta sauce
Yellow split peas ($1.69/lb ?)
Pasta ($.77/lb)…this is about the lowest it gets here; we’ll buy 5 boxes
Cilantro ($.99/bunch)
Pork chops ($1.29/lb)
Seltzer ($2.99)


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